IPSICC Lecturers



Dr. Vibeke Møller: Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Psychotherapy, M.D., psychotherapist MPF.  Psychotherapist from Kempler, Member of the Danish Association of PsychotherapistsShe is the owner of IPSICC.

Marian Bridget Connolly: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Masters of Arts (MA) Licensed psychologist, Psychotherapist, Member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapists

Eric Spady: MA, SEP (Somatic Experiencing practitioner), IPSICC Psychotherapist.  Eric is from the USA, and has worked as a missionary for 25+ years. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Bible & Missions. He teaches internationally and is an ordained minister.

Deirdre Hayes: (MA).Soc.Sci (psychotherapy), and Supervision,  HDip Healthcare Management, DASS,CQSW,Reg FTAI, ICP, EAP. Registered Psychotherapist worldwide Emergenetics Associate

Bjørg Marie Vrabel: MA – Psychotherapy – Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Bjørg Marie has a master degree in Theology, and has studied coaching, mentoring and supervision . She has worked for three years as a youth pastor, and is currently and elder in her church. She works with children with special needs.

Kristina Nylander: MA Psychotherapy, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner), Psychotherapist MPF. BSc in Nursing, BTh Theology. Licensed specialist nurse, ordained pastor. Member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapists.

External Research Module Lecturers

Part of this school is to also learn ‘Applied Research Methods in Psychotherapy Practice’  During the years of IPSICC you will also be taking 50 hours of Applied Reseach methods online taught but our collegues as part of the Dansk Psykoterapeutforening (Danish Psychotherapy Association)


Below is our online guest faculty members and their bio’s

Dr Fergus Anderson (PhD, M.Ed, BSc

Dr Fergus Anderson
PhD, M.Ed, BSc

Dr Fergus Anderson (PhD, M.Ed, BSc):  I currently have two main interests and areas of work. The first is as a researcher in the field of consciousness studies. In my doctoral research, which I completed in 2018, I used phenomenological and first-person methods to investigate the experience of thinking. This work is ongoing. My second area of interest is education, and particularly adult education. I completed a Master’s degree in educational action research in 2012, and have since been developing, leading and delivering post-graduate level trainings for teachers. This has been mainly through Crossfields Institute, which is an education and accreditation institute based in the UK. I moved to Denmark in 2020 and now work for Crossfields Europa, which is Crossfields Institute’s EU arm.

(See Fergus’s full bio HERE)

Karen Dons Blædel (PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF)

Karen Dons Blædel
PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF

Karen Dons Blædel (PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF)
Primary work area today:

● Stress treatment
● Anxiety treatment
● Conflict resolution
● Treatment of bullying
● Crisis processing
● Manager coaching/ manager development

(see Karen’s full bio HERE)

Dr Charlotte von Bülow (PhD, M.Ed, CMgr MCMI)

Dr Charlotte von Bülow
PhD, M.Ed, CMgr MCMI


Dr Charlotte von Bülow (PhD, M.Ed, CMgr MCMI): I have spent the last 20 years working in the private sector as an educator, consultant, CEO and governor. In 2007, I founded Crossfields Institute, a UK educational charity, and developed the organisation to become an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation, a consultancy and a higher education institute. I completed my doctorate at the Bristol Business School (Faculty of Business and Law, UWE) where I now work as a Senior Lecturer in Leadership.

(See Charlotte’s full bio HERE)

Dr Charlotte von Bülow (PhD, M.Ed, CMgr MCMI)

Finn Janning

Finn Janning (PhD, MA): I am a writer and a philosopher. I work on the nature of human existence. I received my Ph.D. from Copenhagen Business School in 2005, where I have also been an external lecturer at the Institute of Management, Politics, and Philosophy. I have been philosopher-in-residence working with organizational and leadership development at Novo Nordisk Engineering and the Copenhagen Commune, and have collaborated creatively with artists and athletes. In 2017, I completed an additional Master’s in Mindfulness from Zaragoza University. For the last 13 years, I have been an external lecturer at Toulouse Business School, Geneva Business School, and UIBS – all at their Barcelona campuses.

(See Finn’s full Bio HERE)


Dr Charlotte von Bülow (PhD, M.Ed, CMgr MCMI)

Dr Jelena Popov
PhD, MA, M.Ed, BA

Dr Jelena Popov (PhD, MA, M.Ed, BA): My background is in Psychology. I am passionate about applying psychological ideas about the mind, learning, development and creativity to address real-world problems. My interest is in socio-cultural and practice-based perspectives on human activity.

My qualifications include: BA and MA in Psychology from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia; MA in Education from the Institute of Education, University of London; PhD in Education from University College London.

(See Jelena’s full bio HERE)

Ulrik H. Rasmussen (PhD, MA, Psykoterapeut MPF)

Ulrik H. Rasmussen
PhD, MA, Psykoterapeut MPF

Ulrik H. Rasmussen (PhD, MA, Psykoterapeut MPF): I am a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science, Qualitative Methods, Ethics at University College Copenhagen, an External Lecturer at Copenhagen University (History of Ideas), and a trained psychotherapist. I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion (Copenhagen University), and an MA in Philosophy and Religion. I am also engaged in the Teacher Training programme of the Diamond Logos Academy that focuses on meditation and spiritual unfoldment.

(see Ulrik’s full bio HERE)

Pernelle Rose (PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF)

Pernelle Rose
PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF

Pernelle Rose (PhD., Psykoterapeut MPF): I have many years of experience in practice as a social educator. I also have experiences working with varied forms of parenthood as a family therapist in Ballerup Familiehus and in my own practice. From a practice perspective, I have seen and worked with all kinds of family types and constellations and provided professional assistance to marginalized and challenged families. As a therapist I have furthermore work to expand children and adolescents life opportunities. I completed my doctorate at Aarhus University in 2020 and I have been teaching as an external lecturer at the Department of Educational Psychology, Denmark.

(See Pernelle’s full bio HERE)

Professor Emeritus Søren Willert

Professor Emeritus Søren Willert

Professor Emeritus Søren Willert: I am a psychologist. Today my title is Professor Emeritus. I have been in university employment for 51 years. First 38 years at Institute of Psychology, Aarhus University (1968-2012), then 12 years at Institute of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University. My academic profile has been that of university-based practitioner. I have acquired professional competences within a broad range of psycho-social helping roles: psychotherapist, supervisor, coach, process consultant, professional trainer. My practitioner experiences have formed the backdrop of my teaching and have delivered empirical data for my research. Starting in 2022 I am in a process of transition, gradually replacing organization consultancy with psychotherapy as my main sphere of professional interest.

(see Søren’s full bio HERE)