Internal Quality Protection

Our guidelines for quality control, feedback and evaluation


In order to secure a high standard every day during the weeks/weekends

  • the students have to fill out a subject evaluation scheme after every subject in the day.
  • in the evening the superior Educational Director and the Educational Director look through every evaluation scheme handed in by the students
  • at the staff meeting in the evening they discuss the students ´ evaluation and give feedback
  • At the end of the weeks/ weekends the students give an overall evaluation.

All teachers, staff and examiners are requested to participate in different seminars, courses, and to be in contact with other psychotherapists in order to be updated about the news in different areas, and to report back to the school once a year.

External examiners give feed-back to the school about the students’ level of knowledge, skills, and insights, and by this they contribute to the quality protection of the school.