IPSICC Organization

and Managment



  • Director for the School: Dr. Vibeke Møller M.D., Psychotherapist MPF
  • Vice Director and Educational Director: Marian Bridget Connolly – Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist MPF
  • Student and Career Advisor: Marian Bridget Connolly – Licensed Psychologist,Psychotherapist MPF
  • Secretary to be employed


IPSICC Student Council

Members:Dr. Vibeke Møller ( School Director and Supervisor), Marian Bridget Connolly (Vice Director, Educational Director and Supervisor), Deirdre Hayes (Lecturer and Supervisor), Eric Spady (Lecturer and IPSICC Psychotherapist), Marlis Resch (Supervisor),  and Pernilla Eklund (Student).

The school council will meet at least once a year and discuss the program, changes in the program, changes of lecturers, students´ problems etc. The members will also be in contact by emails/Skype throughout the year. There will not be a formal election of the members. Different persons will be asked to join the School Council for at least 3 years.

Every meeting will have written minutes.