IPSICC Organization

and Managment



  • Director for the School: Dr. Vibeke Møller M.D., Psychotherapist MPF
  • Vice Director and Educational Director: Marian Bridget Connolly – Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist MPF
  • Student and Career Advisor: Marian Bridget Connolly – Licensed Psychologist,Psychotherapist MPF
  • Secretary to be employed


IPSICC Student Council

Members:Dr. Vibeke Møller ( School Director and Supervisor), Marian Bridget Connolly (Vice Director, Educational Director and Supervisor), Deirdre Hayes (Lecturer and Supervisor), Eric Spady (Lecturer and IPSICC Psychotherapist), Bjørg Marie Vrabel (Supervisor),  and a current student.

The school council will meet at least once a year and discuss the program, changes in the program, changes of lecturers, students´ problems etc. The members will also be in contact by emails/Skype throughout the year. There will not be a formal election of the members. Different persons will be asked to join the School Council for at least 3 years.

Every meeting will have written minutes.