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The Place

Since January 2019, we moved the school from Kolding, Denmark, to the Løgstør Parkhotel, in Løgstør, Denmark (In the northern part of Denmark, west of Aalborg.  This place is a fabulous hotel and is equipped with everything we need for classes and living. They have beautiful hotel rooms, and facilities for different classrooms, leisure rooms, dining area, pool and more.




Summer IPSICC Week –  27th July – 3 August 2024 (free after lunch)   2025 – dates coming soon  
    Want to apply?  use the links below    New Students – Click here to go to the application forms page    Returning Students (All 2024 dates) – Order form – Click here to go to the Order Form Page

    School Fees Overview

    IPSICC has made an overview of the expenses for the students for the four years and 1 week. The IPSICC expenses are higher than other Danish psychotherapeutic educations because we want to match the EAP requirements:

    IPSICC prices for each year. There can be a raise of 3 %.

    1 Year
    2 Year
    3 Year
    4 year-1
    4 year-2
    26.000 DKK
    21.000 DKK
    21.000 DKK
    21.000 DKK
    9.500 DKK
    Room & board single
    24.429 DKK
    24.429 DKK
    24.429 DKK
    24.429 DKK
    10.059 DKK
    Room & board double
    15.929 DKK
    15.929 DKK
    15.929 DKK
    15.929 DKK
    6.559 DKK
    12.500 DKK
    12.500 DKK
    12.500 DKK
    12.500 DKK
    15.000 DKK
    15.000 DKK
    15.000 DKK
    7.500 DKK
    7.500 DKK

    Regarding literature: we assume that every student must use about 20.000 DKK for books. It depends on whether the student will buy eBooks, hard books, renting books.

    As IPSICC requires 75 hours of supervision and 100 hours of personal therapy outside the school to better match EAP the price is higher for IPSICC students.

    AS IPSICC is an international school we must help the graduated students to apply for their country `s association for psychotherapists which often have the same requirements as EAP.

    Regarding the exam: All IPSICC students a must have an IPSICC bachelor’s degree after the third year and a master’s degree after the fourth year, both exams contain a thesis and an oral examination. The students get some coaching in making their thesis minimum 3 sessions online and often more online.

    School Fees for 2024

    In date order 
    IPSICC School fees Winter Long-weekend (January 4-7, 2024) 
    School fee and room and board for Winter 2024
    SCHOOL FEE - Winter Long-Weekend 2024AMOUNT
    Send in the order-form and pay latest December 1, 2023
    School Fee (IPSICC-winter weekend) 4.500 DKK
    IPSICC School fees April week (April 6 at 14.30 – April 11 at 13.00, 2024) 
    School fee and room and board for April week 2024
    SCHOOL FEE - April week 2023AMOUNT
    School Fee (IPSICC-April 2024) 7.000 DKK
    Send in the orderform latest January 15, 2024. The payment is due latest January 15, 2024
    ROOM AND BOARD - April week 2024Amount
    Send in the orderform latest January 15, 2024. The payment is due latest January 15, 2024
    Single room + all meals incl. 7.000 DKK
    Double room + all meals incl. 4.500 DKK
    IPSICC School fees SUMMER – July 27 at 13.30 -August 3, 2024, (after lunch)
    School fee and room and board for 2024
    SCHOOL FEE -Summer 2024
    ** You have to send your order form and payment before June 1, 2024
    Early Bird discount before April 30, 20249000 DKK
    After May 1, 20249500 DKK
    Exam fee (IPSICC, master) 7.500 DKK
    Exam fee (ISARPAC, bachelor) 7.500 DKK
    ROOM AND BOARD - Summer 2024
    (All students)
    Single room + all meals incl. 9400 DKK
    Double room + all meals incl. 6100 DKK

    Home-study period (homework during the year & instructor reading) tuition is included in the price above.

    Auditing the school: If you are interested in auditing the school, you can apply for the school and pay 1000 DKK less than the tuition fee listed above (full room & board still apply, however). If you are accepted for the school as an auditing student, you may attend the summer school sessions and the weekend training sessions that include teachers. You do not have to study the books, write papers or case studies, or complete required counseling hours.

    How to pay for your school fee’s and room and board


    • A 3000 DKK deposit is due with your application

    IBAN: DK2320006280251494,  BIC: NDEADKKK,

    BANK ACCOUNT:   1911 6280251494

    Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
    Main office
    Postboks 850
    DK-0900 Copenhagen C
    Visiting address: Christiansbro, Strandgade 3
    Telephone: +45 33 33 33 33

    BY MAIL (Post):

    c/o Møller

    Græsvangen 25
    8381 Tilst


    Our school location
    Løgstør Parkhotel :: Toftebjerg Allé DK -9670 Løgstør :: Denmark.

    Below is a video created by the hotel.  Check out their website here for more information

    Our School Location

    Løgstør Parkhotel :: Toftebjerg Allé DK -9670 Løgstør :: Denmark
    Above you will see the video about the hotel, and the map of where it is. The map is interactive, so you can zoom in or out or change to satellite view

    Since 1993

    We exist to teach and train people to help the hurting, wounded and broken

    Why Choose Us

    25+ Years of Experience

    We have been doing this work and school for years.  We have some of the best teachers and trainers in the field.

    We bless

    We use Powerful peace and blessing to help others recover and heal

    Several locations

    We have schools in Denmark, Egypt, Myanmar and more planned. Come and join us.

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    Admin office:

    Græsvangen 25,
    8381 Tilst

    +45 86911431

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