New Accreditation Information

(for students who have previously graduated from ISARPAC)

Requirements for earlier ISARPAC graduates who want to acquire a Bachelor or Masters Degree because of the accreditation via IATA.

REQUIREMENTS for Bachelor of Psychotherapy:

The requirements of acquiring the degree of Bachelor of Psychotherapy:

(for those who previously finished ISARPAC will have to fulfill the following requirements)

  1. Since graduation 100 client counseling hours per year
  2. Between 5 and 10 supervision hours per year since they graduated
  3. Attend 2-3 days relevant conferences about psychotherapy per year
  4. Attend the IPSICC Narrative module.
  5. A Case study of 8000 words

REQUIREMENTS for Masters of Psychotherapy:

If you wish to continue to acquire the degree of Master of Psychotherapy you will need to:


  1. Attend the IPSICC Winter DBT and SE (Somatic Experience Intro) and the Sensorimotor modules modules
  2. Write an Assignment for Master level (24000 words)
  3. Complete an external oral exam.

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